Angry Boys


Angry Boys


An Australian TV mockumentary, Angry Boys has what it takes to make reality television fun to watch. Take a set of teenage twin brothers from Australia, a rapper from Los Angeles, California, a young Japanese boy who wants to become a champion surfer, and an assortment of other characters who drift in and out of the weekly shows and you have a strange combination that somehow works in the "reality TV" format. It's about the typical issues faced by young males in this, the 21st century. The peer pressures, the hopes and dreams all young people have to begin with. Some see their dreams come true, some simply go another route to find happiness. Twins Nathan and Daniel live with their mother and step dad and lead average lives but Nathan happens to be almost entirely deaf. His brother, Daniel decides to give him a great going away present (before Nathan goes off to a school for the deaf) and invite a few of their heroes to attend. Those include a rap artist from LA, S mouse, a surf pro, Tim Okazaki, and a bikini clad model named Emily Chase. Some unusual character combinations make this fun and interesting viewing.

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