How to Watch Hulu in the UK in 2024

Emily Peacock
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September 14, 2022

Find out how to watch Hulu in the UK without interruption, thanks to a residential US IP address. Follow steps 1-3 to start streaming your favorite TV shows.

How to Watch Hulu in the UK in 2024

3 steps to reliably watch Hulu in the UK

As soon as any TV binge-watcher in the UK finds out about Hulu, their next question is:  Can you get Hulu in the UK?”. Short answer: yes. But you’ll either need to use a VPN or get a residential US IP address. 

Both options will be easy, but when it comes down to which one will actually works, unfortunately, VPNs have been falling short time and time again (i.e. VPNs used to work, but Hulu found a way to block it too).

But with a residential US IP address, streaming Hulu in the UK has become a total breeze. And here’s why that is and how to get started:

Step 1: Get a residential US IP address

Having a residential US IP address—which you can buy as a service you pay for monthly—is the most direct and reliable way to access Hulu. 

On Hulu’s side: they’ll see you’re accessing them from within the US. But in reality: you're connecting to the internet via a secure server that’s hosted in the US. Seamless for you, and works every time. 

So how to get one? US IP Address Solutions is a great option to get inside Hulu within minutes by simply choosing a plan, signing up, then downloading their application before connecting to the web. And with a 3-day free trial and plans starting from $5.75 a month, you really can’t go wrong.

Step 2: Subscribe to Hulu from within the UK

Once you’ve gotten your own residential US IP Address and you’ve connected to the internet, you’re ready to rock straight to Hulu. Jump to Hulu’s homepage, scroll to their ‘Select Your Plan’ section, then click on your preference before you create your Hulu account and subscribe. 

With a 30-day free trial with all plans, it’s an easy decision to just try it out risk-free and decide if its monthly cost is so worth the unlimited TV binging of your favorite shows (plus if you want: Disney+, ESPN+, and Live TV).

Step 3: Download the Hulu app on your device

To make your life easier to watch TV shows on the go, Hulu has an app that lets you view your chosen movies or shows offline. There is a limit to it (25 at a time) and it does require that you have the app installed—correctly for the US region.

To do that, we’ll walk you through 2 options that will cover any Apple device or a device that runs Google Play Store

But just to let you know: the Hulu app is available on plenty of other devices, ranging from Xbox to TiVo and Blu-ray Players. And of course, any device you can access the internet from, you’ll be able to stream Hulu directly from its browser.

Option 1: Change your device’s region to the US

To be able to download the Hulu app to stream in the UK, one of the options is to change either your Apple ID—or your Google Play Store country—to be set for the US (so the Hulu app can be available to you!). 

There will be a few pre-steps you’d need to take first, such as finishing your store credit and canceling any running app subscriptions, but you can find the full details to update your Apple ID region here or to update your Google Play Store country here.

Option 2: Create a new account, for the US

Still want to hold onto your live app subscriptions? Then this option will allow you to do so, while still being able to download Hulu. You will need a US IP address set up and connected (what you’d already have to access Hulu in the first place), and with that, it’ll be a breeze. 

For any Apple device, head to your device’s account settings (‘System’s Settings’ for Mac or ‘Account Settings’ for iPhone) and simply create your new Apple ID for the US. Google’s Play Store will need you to force stop the app, then reboot it (as your US IP address registers that you’re within the country).


If you’re one of the people who has Googled “How to get Hulu in the UK”, our goal of this article was to guide you through how to do exactly that.

For a quick video guide on how to watch Hulu from the UK on an Android device, visit here:

While officially, Hulu is currently only available to the US and Japan—with a true residential US IP address, you’ll have a work-around that’s secure, works every time, and is very affordable for those looking to stream Hulu’s massive library of TV shows.

To find out how to do it for any Apple device (iPhone or iPad), check out this video:

Whether you’re looking to go down a rabbit hole of your favorite TV shows, or discover new ones from Hulu’s library, using a US IP address is almost as easy as if you were based in the US.

It’ll take you a few minutes to set up, and you’ll have free trials with it plus that of Hulu’s—so you can set aside a little time now to sort yourself, and indulge your TV cravings.

Get a US IP address now

Got a “Not available in your region” message?
No worries. Get a true residential US IP address and watch any title even if you are not in the USA!
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