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With lots to offer viewers from their Buenos Aires based television station, TV Publica can be seen from nearly everywhere by way of the internet and their free streaming capability. Viewers have plenty to see in the way of variety including educational documentaries, sporting events, government activities, music, movies, and in addition they can view news and current events. Viewers benefit from the cooperative efforts of Buenos Aires University with current events and educational programming straight from the source. Founded back in 1951, TV Publica or TV Publica Digital or Canal Siete may have changed their name but have kept their resolve to provide top quality viewing for all who wish to watch. Operated and owned by the Argentine State the television stations truly offer excellence in TV. Live streaming of internet TV stations via broadband, news, sports, music, as well as movies are always of interest to the viewing public and with it being free to download onto computers or internet ready TV sets it opens up a whole new world of information as well as entertainment.





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